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Mission Statement


The person of Jesus Christ is at the heart of a Loreto Institution. Mary Ward’s core values of justice, freedom, sincerity, truth and joy permeate the entire educational experiance.

"Our goal is to form women alive to the needs of our world, with the knowledge which gives them power to act, and motivated by the love which gives them purpose and wisdom gives them purpose and wisdom in their action". Loreto Education in India - Nurturing to freedom.

We believe: "We believe that every human being who is empowered to develop her best potential proclaims the Glory of God".

We see: We see empowerment as the distinguishing feature of all our educational effort and are convinced that it takes place best in a school which is a dynamic entity involved in discerning the needs of our times and flexible enough to readjust its structures and activities to respond to them.

We recognize: We recognize that is requires an atmosphere where all the values of love, freedom, justice and sincerity are lived out by all and where striving for excellence at the level of one’s potential is an essential element.

We accept: We accept that this demands a certain level of awareness at administrative and staff levels so that it becomes a continuous process affecting staff, student and parents and taking precendence over all other motivations.

We recognize and strongly affirm: We recognize and strongly affirm that the special thrust of our Institute becomes credible in India today, where our schools are centers where a prefential love of the poor is lived out both in attitude and structures. In cherishing the most deprived of his people and enabiling them to take their place with dignity among others, our schools become centers where the glory of God is manifested.

We prioritize: We prioritize the practice of the important human values and encourage the students to gain confidence and initiative even as they commit themselves to excellence in the academic sphere.

The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary exercises its responsibility over the college through a Governing Body whose President is the Provincial of the Indian Provincial of the Indian Province of the Institute and President of Founder Body. The Principal of the Secretary of the Governing Body and its Chief Executive.


We, in Higher Education, form informed and empowered women in response to the needs of the Universe and who persevere in re-searching for relevance and authenticity in a changing world.

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