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B.A. / B.SC. Fees Structure for 2017-2018

Fees are to be paid for twelve months of each year, July to June inclusive, according to University regulations.No student may send in an application for admission to a University examination unless her fees have been paid in advance to the end of the year. If a student withdraws from the college, one calender month’s notice must be given in writing and fees paid to the end of the academic year. Fees once paid will not be carried over for future sessions. Fees paid at the time of admission are not refundable.

A limited number of deserving students will be admitted at a reduced fee on due consideration of the circumstances of their parents. The privilege is granted for one term only, and will not be renewed for the next term if the student has failed to give satisfaction in application, conduct or attendance. A student absent from any of the term examination without the sanction of the Principal, or without justification will forfeit the above privilege.
The following fee structure is revised every year:

Admission Fees Rs. 1500.00
University Regn. (Migration) Rs. 200.00
University Regn. (Non-Migration) Rs. 100.00
University Form & Charges Rs. 200.00
University Sports Fees Rs. 60.00
University Examination Form Rs. 20.00
Library Fee Rs. 1600.00
Games & Socials Fee Rs. 600.00
Societies & Seminars Rs. 800.00
Internal Examination, Stationery, Generator, Locker, Computer , Counselling Fees & e-Care Rs. 5200.00
Building Fees Rs. 1000.00
Student Health Home Fees Rs. 10.00
Geography Rs. 700.00
Psychology Rs. 700.00
Film Studies / Human Rights Rs. 700.00
Journalism Rs. 700.00
Tuition Fees Rs. 150.00
Development, Maintenance, Electricity etc. Rs. 500.00
Film Studies/ Human Rights (Self- Financing) Rs. 500.00
Economics Honours (Self - Financing as of now) Rs. 500.00
Mathematics (Self-Financing as of now) Rs. 500.00

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